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Unserious Stuff

Fun side projects

Moggy is a poorly behaved little catbot whose sole purpose is to knock things off the table and look at you as if you were foolish to expect anything different. Made as a practice arduino project. 

Titusbot is the first arduino project I did. It is in honor of Lawrence 'Titus' Oates who perished on an expedition to the South Pole in 1911. His last words before stumbling off into the snow were 'I will be gone some time'. 


One day I will do a whole series of Slightly Unsuccessful Explorerbots.

Grasp is an app for better communication over geographic, linguistic and cultural differences. It never made it past the concept stage despite some class-A acting.  


With John Jameson and Mo Wang

Frog Fatbody is a nefarious supervillain whose adventures are both international and scandalous. Coming soon. 

Unserious Stuff

Side projects for fun and practice!

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