From 2010 to 2013 I made a living building custom bicycles. You can read about it HERE, and I've included some pictures of the fancier ones. Everything pictured was designed by me and built by the Bilenky Cycle Works team. 

Super Fancy Mixte
I designed these lugs for the 2010 North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show. They won first place!
Prep Drawings
Really high end bikes get a ton of sketches to make sure every detail comes out right.
Stem detail
Fancy custom stem. Just 'cause.
Fish Mixte
This bike is for a marine biologist. Fish lugs, fish detail, and bendy tubes. Because fish need bicycles.
Manta ray detail
I sang 'Manta Ray' by the Pixies while i made this. 'My manta ray's.... ALL RIGHT!'
Lug detail
Flippers for DAYS
Isis' Ultralight
I built this bike for myself. It rides like a rocket ship. It's stainless steel and I love it so much I can't even think about it. I sunk several weeks paychecks into the components AND IT WAS WORTH IT.
Fancy lettering
THAT IS NOT SHARPIE. That is sign painter paint.
More details
(Alternate title: Isis Shows Off)
Just some Rene Herse style lugs for a Swedish Randonneur bike.
More lugs
These are for an Ephgrave style track frame. More pictures coming, I really went nuts with the fork tangs.

Photo Credit: Bicycle Quarterly
Fleur de Lis Coupler
This is for a tandem. I only have to cut five more sets!
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